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Anthony Miner OConnell
439 S. Vista Del Rio
Green Valley, Arizona 85614
(No telephone)
June 12, 2017

Chief Judge Malfourd W. Trumbo
25th Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia
P. O. Box 190
Monterey, Virginia 24465-0190

Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith
19th Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia
4110 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030-4009

Roberta Lambert, Highland County Administrator
P.O. Box 130
165 West Main Street
Monterey, Virginia 24465

Sharon Bulova, Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Government Center
12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 530
Fairfax, Virginia 22035

Dear Chief Judge Malfourd W. Trumbo, Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith, Highland County Administrator Roberta Lambert, and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Sharon Bulova:

The enclosed lien for back taxes on a trust property in Fairfax County, Virginia, was sent by the 19th Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia, to the 25th Judicial Circuit Court of Virgina, or some other place in Highland County. It is against the law in multiple ways and is shrouded in such impenetrable secrecy that the property it is actually placed against is not identified. It's been about five years now.

The Trust Agreement and the Trust Deed state that the Trustee is not individually liable and that all [three] beneficiaries share the real estate taxes. Do you recognize this? Please give a yes or a no. If no, why not?

The 1992 Trust deed at bk8307p1446 says:
"The Trustee shall have no individual liability or obligation
arising from his ownership, as trustee, of the legal
title to said property, or with respect to any act done or contract
entered into or indebtedness incurred by him in dealing with said
property, or in otherwise acting as such trustee, except only so
far as said Trust Property and any trust funds in the actual
possession of the Trustee shall be applicable to the payment and
discharge thereof."

The 1992 Trust Agreement at bk8845p1453 says:
"Trustee Not Individually Liable".
The 1992 Trust Agreement at bk8845p1454 says:
"9.03. All real estate taxes on the property shall be shared by all of the beneficiaries"


1) Why did Fairfax County send a lien for unpaid taxes on a property in Fairfax County, to Highland County?

2) Why did Highland County accept it?

3) On what property was the lien actually placed against? Why is this concealed? This blocks me from selling my land in Highland County. It's been 5 years now.

4) What is the lien trail from Fairfax County to Highlant County? If the lien left Highland County, what is that trail?

5) I don't understand the instructions from Fairfax County's law firm. Please explain this from TACS's John Rife email to me of July 31, 2012, at 5:25 pm:

"In Virginia, a local govenment and it's attorneys have administrative collect remedies available without having to resort to court action to collcct on funds due. This effort has thus far been unsuccessful"

"In the event you and my client are not able to arrange an amicable plan to pay the delinquent taxes due on your account, 1 will recommend my client permit me to take such actions necessary to collect the delinquent real estate taxes due against the aforementioned property, including seeking a sale of the property for the delinquent taxes as per~permitted under Virginia Code Sec 58.1 -3965, et seq. This procedure would involve a court action against the Trust and would name you as Trustee. The issues to be discussed at the hearing, however, would be limited to the taxes due on the property and whether those are delinquent sufficient to entertain the decree of sale. It would be my preference that we discuss a payment plan amount that best suits the Trust's ability to pay so that the property may be retained."

Would this hearing be similar to the Fairfax County hearing for the Trust property?

History and secrecy suggests this lien has been, or will be, used to entangle my real estate in Highland County. This blocks me from selling it. It's been 5 years now. I can not penetrate the invisible walls of secrecy. Would you please wash this out and clear my title so I can sell my property? Please give me a yes or a no.


Anthony OConnell
Highland County landowner

* * * *

Please have the secrecy surrounding the attached lien notices (attachment "1-takefarm9p.pdf") removed so I can clear the title to my property in Highland County and sell it. The secrecy puts a lock on my property. ...It shifts control of my property to those who control the secrecy. 

Was this lien accepted by your Court? If this lien was not accepted by your Court, what is it doing in Highland County? Do you think there is a plan to go outside the Court and make it appear as if it did go through the Court? I believe the following suggests the intent of those in control is to make it appear that they have to sell my farm and proceeds will disappear. I believe they can jerk me around as long as they want: 

"In Virginia a local government and it's Attorneys have administrative collection remedies available without having to resort to Court actions to collect on funds due."
(From TACS John Rife to Anthony OConnell, July 31, 2012, at 5:25 pm) (attachment "3-tacs29p.pdf")

It is against the law to make a Trustee individually liable when the Trust documents state that the Trustee is not individually liable. 

There is no trust property in Highland County. I own my real estate in Highland County as an individual .

History suggests that the planting of concealed confusion and conflict is intended to create a multipurpose tool to take control of assets and the people who own them. Those who control the entanglement control the people and assets that are entangled.  Please have the law enforced such as exposing the lien trails so I can clear the title to my property sand sell it.