Is there any authority in our Country who would ask Director Greenlief ( questions?

(1)  What is the lien trail?
(2)  How was the lien amount of $27,669.42 calculated?
(3)  Why did the DTA not have Trust property sold for the back taxes, as is the usual procedure, and the proceeds sent to the Trustee?
(4)  Why was the Trustee's authority over the Trust property and his individual property usurped after he posted ?
(5)  What would it take to expose the accounting at bk467p191?   bk467p191-19p
(6)  Why is the "Trustee Not Individually Liable" clause in the 1992 Agreement at bk8845p1453 not recognized?
(7)  Why is the 1992 Deed at bk8307p1446 not recognized and no explaination given?
(8)  Why can't we get straight answers?   take-farm17p  tacs29p  wall-11p